Great people - Francis Cabrel

Great people


We would be great people

Perfect beings

Charming singers, charitable

Humble and discreet

Against all the injustices

And of all the fights

But we are normally selfish

And it’s everyone for himself


We would make eternal songs

And in a few verses

We would make the earth more beautiful

Man a little less wicked

That would make us rare beings

And as immortal

But we make small songs /which fade away

And we fade with them


And we fade with them

We fade with them


We would make useful songs

To the society

To denounce the drift

And absurdities

Like shooting at a bird that sings

A cartridge right in the heart

But we make small hesitant songs

And we look somewhere else


We would say essential things

And extremely beautiful

As we would be born with wings

It would not be complicated

We would have words that touch /

and stab

The traitors and the liars

But we make small songs /

for trade

And we tremble with fear


We tremble with fear

And we tremble with fear


We would be immense artists


Considered as fortune

For humanity

We would just have to appear

So that the world would be happy

But in fact, people love us /

and then leave us

And it is probably better