Someone from the inside - Quelqu'un de l'intérieur - Francis Cabrel

Someone from the inside – Quelqu’un de l’intérieur


I needed heat,

Nobody around; for love

Pinball machines’ bellies;

And steel balls to speak to

And zéros on the meter;

Don’t be surprised if I am

Someone from the inside.


They wanted me to look like them,

These men who hunt, who rape,

Who calculate and sell,

And wanted me to go later

Confess my errors;

Don’t be surprised if I am

Someone from the inside.


I supposed we get used to it

And that this would be my life;

I was a little uncomfortable first

But I assure you that today

I laugh about it more than I cry;

I am someone from the inside.


I look at them dancing,

And talking and talking,

And saying more than they think

Seducing themselves with sentences of nothing at all ,

Speaking so much

That they find that I speak a lot.

Then, they believe that I am sad,

But if I put my heart there,

In the middle of the dance floor,

They would see colors;

They don’t even know they exist.



I’m not missing the courage,

That prevents me from smiling;

There are moments so beautiful,

Only silence could express them,

You took all the room in my heart,

But I am someone from the Inside.