The bullfight - La corrida - Francis Cabrel

The bullfight – La corrida


For the time that I’m waiting

In this dark room,

I hear that they have fun and they sing

At the end of the corridor.

Somebody touched the lock

And I dived towards the bright light…

I saw brass bands, barriers

And people around.


In the first moments, I believed

You only had to defend yourself.

But this place is a dead end,

I begin to understand.

They closed behind me,

They were afraid I move back.

I certainly end up catching

This ridiculous dancer…


Is this world serious?


Andalusia, I remember:

Meadows lined with cactus…

I am not going to tremble in front of

This puppet, this loser!

I am going to catch him, him and his hat,

Make them twirl as a sun!

This evening, the wife of the torero

Will sleep on her two ears.


Is this world serious ?


I have chased many ghosts,

Almost touched their ballet shoes.

They hit my neck strongly

For me to bow.

Where do these acrobats come from

With their costumes made of paper ?

I’ve never learnt to fight

Against dolls.


Feeling the sand under my head,

Is crazy how that can feel good.

I prayed for it to stop.

Andalusia, I remember…

I hear them laugh as I grumble,

I see them dance as I succumb,

I didn’t think that we could have

So much fun around a grave.


Is this world serious?

Is this world serious?


Yes, yes, man, man,

Dance, dance…

We have to dance again

And we will kill others

Other lives, other bulls

And we will kill others

Come, come…

Come, come dancing..